Gudrun Liemberger
All rigths reserved by Gudrun Liemberger
lyrics and music by GuGabriel
Get to talk and warn Of genetically modified corn Of bananas we should not eat ´Coz of sterility of our sp…/seeds So What about us Mikel Jackson is still alive What about us The world you and I Our children will seek If we don´t change We all will bleed Within a lot of rain Within a lot of pain
What About Us
produced by Jan Leers/ Richard Ulmer Recorded & mixed by Lukas Turnovsky Mastered by Mischa Janisch vocals and guitar: GuGabriel guitar: Richard Ulmer piano: David Ömmer bass: Andrea Fränzel drums: Michael Kapfinger String Trio: violin: Alexander Gheorghiu viola: Christiane Hörlein cello: Margarethe Deppe
Foto Martin Leisch
What a world of fake If we don´t learn to lose And to see how it aches When there is nothing left to choose And tomatoes we should not eat ´Coz of sterility . . . So What about us . . . Let us change the weather Let us change the weather
So What about life how shall we survive All the wonderful things that – if they are gone – we can´t buy ´Coz we can´t do like there (it) is nothing But everybody knows And we pretend like we can´t see So what will we choose What about us . . .