Gudrun Liemberger
All rigths reserved by Gudrun Liemberger
lyrics and music by GuGabriel.
it whispers through the night it calls for salvation I’m running to the source of the rising sun feeling that the time has come for all nations to be yeyeh to be as one for our right right - for our right show who who you really are see through all that´s untrue eyeh we are not far away not far people on the streets we all need forgiveness people everywhere are craving for love I pray through all my pain for a better solution oh my God keep my soul for I am on the run for light light we need so much light we need to show who we really are see through this dark night eyey we are not far away not far lies lies – no more lies wake up and open your mind Feel this human spirit It is love love that you will find
produced by Alexander Nefzger / Florian Pilz vocals and piano: GuGabriel drums: Jörg Mikula bass: Florian Pilz cello: Rina Kacinari violin: Matthias Jakisic trombone: Mario Vavti horn & trumpet: Alexander Wladigeroff programmings and keys: Florian Pilz and Alexander Nefzger pre production: GuGabriel / Vienzenz
Foto Christian Müller