Gudrun Liemberger
All rigths reserved by Gudrun Liemberger. 
 lyrics and music by GuGabriel.
fight and war is no solution our world now as ever a big confusion but it seems that all is good in a way it´s all creation of god we are night and day but it´s so sad - there is so much fighting for nearly everybody - in our global world of hiding but we are all love - within a big solution and everybody counts - in it´s own way…home we´re on our way home life shows so many faces in so many ways and I try to really really  listen to know what it says I feel it takes me by the hand if I let it so it´s enlightenment inspiration feels good to flow but it´s so sad there is so much fighting…
Everybody Counts
produced by Paul Zasky and GuGabriel vocals and piano: GuGabriel violin: GuGabriel programmings and keys: Paul Zasky mastering: Go! East Studios/Robert Osterberger
Foto Rainer Schnabl