Gudrun Liemberger
All rigths reserved by Gudrun Liemberger
music & lyrics by GuGabriel.
there´s so much to say and there is so much to give and I´m unsure if I can draw on life´s fullness to live we live our lifes on our own and like we´re one and somehow it seems to be unreal so much magic so much fun and you are my Adam and I am your Eve I`m sometimes unsure but you make me believe and you show me your glimpse into a new paradise and you say don´t be afraid don´t be afraid anymore
global news tells so much darkness but I´m reaching for faith and I believe it´s so much stronger silent love than blind hate and I love how you love me and how you taste and how you feel and it seems to be so real that with our love we need no deal cause you are my Adam and I am your Eve . . . and it is so much better since I know you so well happened all by itself we´re like a strong open shell we don´t need to think about any bad that might be cause it feels just too good too good and I see that you are my Adam . . .
produced by Alexander Nefzger / Florian Pilz vocals and accordion: GuGabriel piano: Martin Klein contrabass: Karl Sayer drums: Jörg Mikula violin: Alexei Biz viola: Jelena Poprzan cello: Rina Kacinari violin & string arrangement: Matthias Jakisic programmings & keys: Florian Pilz and Alexander Nefzger mastering: Martin Scheer
Foto Boris Hammerle